California native Greg Breda is a self-taught contemporary visual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Painting with acrylic paint on canvas, mylar and paper, his work explores the strength, resilience and beauty of the human spirit.

Sourcing media, memory, spiritual identity, and his imagination, Greg constructs a realistic central theme against minimal and abstracted backgrounds, persuading the viewer that the compelling conditions surrounding us could merely be challenging illusions. Often referencing ancient text, nature, and the language of flowers, the work then steps forward into reality (realism) in order to convey a level of clarity that is attainable through an illuminated spirit.

Through his work, Greg seeks to encourage the viewer to envision being elevated, illuminated, and expansive.

Solo Exhibition

   2018. "Hei", Patron Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.

   2006. "Seed", Tilford Art Group, Los Angeles, California.

Two Person Exhibition

    2015. "East + West: Studies On Paper By Francks Deceus & Greg Breda", Band Of Vices, Los Angeles, California.

Group Exhibitions

   2017-2018. "Queen" An Exhibition From the Collection of CCH Pounder. A Satellite Exhibit of Prospect 4. Xavier University Art Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.

   2017. "Face To Face: Los Angeles Collects Portraiture" California African American Museum, Los Angeles, California.

   2014. "Hard: Politics, Religion, and Personal Preference" (the private collection of CCH Pounder), Advocate & Gochis Galleries, Los Angeles, California.

   2008. "A Collaboration with Tilford Art Group & Pounder Kone", Pounder Kone Art Space, Los Angeles, California.

   2006. "House Proud: The Artist Salon", Pounder Kone Art Space, Los Angeles, California.